What People Say About Working With Me

Tangelene RamsayEditor, Chebucto News
As Lorrie’s editor at the Chebucto News, I have to say that she has been wonderful to work with. Her articles are always submitted on time, and require little, if any, editing before publication. Her personality is very outgoing, which makes her a wonderful interviewer. She tackles every assignment with the same enthusiasm and never disappoints me with the end result. As far as I am concerned, we are very lucky to have Lorrie at the Chebucto News!

Dan DohertyOwner, Chebucto News, Water ‘N’ Wine, Realtor, Multi-Entrepreneur
Lorrie has been a great asset and resource for the Chebucto News. She is well known and active in her community and she comes up with timely and interesting articles for the paper on her own initiative. Lorrie gets her articles to the editor before deadlines and usually requires a minimum of editing.  She is a great community reporter.

Jan B.King, Book Coaching, Publishing Strategist, Author
Lorrie is a delight to work with.  She looks for ways to increase your success and quickly executes them. She completely changed a training website I was working on for the better. She is intelligent, focused and dedicated and I highly recommend her for your business or project.

Angie Gray, Entrepreneur
When you first meet Lorrie, she makes you feel like you have known her for a long time. She has wonderful conversation and interviews skills which allow her to capture the true essence of the person or subject she is writing about. I recommend Lorrie for any and all your writing needs.

Danielle Keister, Industry Mentor & Administrative Consulting Expert at Administrative Consultants Association
When you are delivering an important piece of work to the world, you want to put its best presentation forward. I engaged several people to proof a new training guide recently and offer editorial suggestions. Of this group of people, Lorrie Boylen’s skills stood out as exceptional in this endeavor. She caught typos and misspellings none of the others did and demonstrated an attention to detail well above normal.

Doug LargeOwner, Chimo Taekwondo
Lorrie has written numerous articles in support of my business and local community projects. Her writing is consistently creative, accurate and reflects her deep interest in her subject. I highly recommend Lorrie as a writer or editor for any project. She is warm and understanding and easily relates to the people and happenings around her. Any business or organization will be well served by Lorrie’s services

Phil DrakeDrake Recording Services Limited
Lorrie is a self-sufficient, highly motivated individual, who pays particular attention to detail, and who has a great work ethic. She has been a sub-contractor for Drake Recording for many years now, and I would recommend her for anything she sets her sights on.

Kathie Zeman, Research Liaison, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
Lorrie does excellent, high-quality work and is dependable, reliable and very personable. She routinely exceeds expectations!