Lorrie studied in numerous health and wellness programs, including reflexology, reiki, first aid, stress management, nutrition, weight management, active living, and more.    After witnessing family members navigate serious health issues and the palliative care system, Lorrie decided to flex her writing muscle in the health and wellness field.

She has numerous writing and business courses and workshops under her belt, and attained her WordPress Level 1 and Level 2 certificates in 2018.


Writing Career

Before she even started elementary school, her mother taught her to read and print.  They spent hours creating stories together.  She was jubilant when her school tests required essay answers.  After all, what better way to showcase her talents?  And so began her lifelong journey as a word weaver.

In The Chebucto News, this freelance writer appears under her own byline and that of her alter ego, Sammy Sambro, a saucy sock monkey, the mascot for the Sambro Area Community Association (“SACA”), where Lorrie is also a board member.  You can check out some of her writing clips here.


Business Career

Lorrie had a lengthy career in the legal administration field, where she leapt tall judicial briefs in a single bound, charmed clients, juggled schedules, shuffled invoices and met deadlines.

During her time as firm office manager, she prescreened job candidates, oversaw the setup of new legal offices, purchased furnishings, set up filing systems, managed petty cash and ensured the office had all the supplies it needed to run smoothly at all times.

She continues to be an active Certified Court Transcriber in the Province of Nova Scotia.

What do folks say about working with this self-directed problem solver?  Check it out here.


The Extras

From time to time, you can catch her on CBC Information Morning’s Community Contact segment, talking about what’s important to the people who live in her little pocket of paradise.

She owns and manages an oceanfront vacation rental property in the peaceful fishing village of Sambro and over the past several years, has hosted people from all around the world.

A lifelong learner, Lorrie devours material on a variety of subjects, including health and wellness, WordPress, business systems, marketing, self-development, writing and gardening.

When not writing or transcribing, she’s often found with her backside planted in the dirt, playing in her garden.

She’s allegedly addicted to beautiful notebooks and smooth writing pens.