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Is writing really your expertise?

Or an efficient use of your time?

Do you absolutely dread the thought of it?

 Do you procrastinate?

Drag your feet?

Straighten your shirt collar?

Check email?

Straighten the files on your desk?

Circle the coffee pot?

Dust books in your office?

Stare out the window?

Tug at that loose thread on your jacket?

Clean the lint out of your pockets?

 Watch cat videos on YouTube?

Surf Facebook?

Read your Twitter feed?

Post that cute pic to Instagram?

Check your emails (again)?

Circle back to the coffee pot (again)?

Count the ceiling tiles in your office?

 File your nails?

Go to the bathroom? (all that coffee!)

Decide it’s time for lunch?

Rinse and repeat?



Do you do anything and everything

you can to avoid it?


I get it

You’re busy trying to save the planet

But the words you put out there in the world

Say a lot about you


Influential companies & individuals like you

Can’t afford to let it float

The work you do is important

There’s no time to lose

The earth can’t wait


Don’t lose time crying quietly in frustration

In front of an empty page

While the world remains unaware

Of the changes they can make

To regenerate and rejuvenate the earth


What if you could set it and forget it

Knowing that your marketing message

will come in on time and on budget


If you don’t stand out

You’ll drown in the sea of sameness

The struggle is real.  

Time to get some help

What are you waiting for?


Hire a pro to

wrangle your thoughts

into a compelling message

and take your business to the next level.

Focus on what you do best

And let me do the rest.


I do my job so you can do yours